Choral Music

This page is dedicated to choral music which has been deemed the best choir music for beginners. You might ask what constitutes excellence in choral music, or any music for that matter. Music is so subjective, we all have our individual likes and dislikes. When teaching choral music, we have so little time to jam as much variety and beauty into our students' lives, we don't have time to pick music that is anything but fabulous, inspiring, and educationally sound. YET at the same time choosing different songs every year. Whew! It's a lot.

Below you will find a working- list of the best choral music for beginning choirs, ages 8-11 (3rd- beginning of 6th grade).

If you are looking for beginning chorus music for grades 7 and above, please click here

I will be adding pages that describe the songs listed in detail including range, text background, etc.

I will also be SELLING a rehearsal plan and warm-ups geared towards mastery of the piece. There will also be youtube links to excellent examples of the songs as well as affiliate links to easily find and purchase the sheet music.

"Al Shlosha" Guide Link! <--- Click here for a semester-long rehearsal guide! No planning! ALL DONE FOR YOU!

Brilee Music' s vision is my vision:

  • Students should be given beautiful melodies to sing if they are to experience the beauty of music.

  • Students should sing lots of unison works so they can concentrate on blend, balance and the production of a beautiful tone.

  • Students should be introduced to a wide variety of music, from Renaissance to Contemporary, from the fun and light to the serious and challenging.

  • Every choir rehearsal should be a voice lesson.

  • Every time students open their mouths to sing, the results should be musical–even warm-ups.