Al Shlosha

About "Al Shlosha":

Al Shlosha is composed by Allan Naplan. It became well known after it was performed at a Columbine High School memorial service. The song is sung in Hebrew and the translation is:

“The world is sustained by three things: by truth, by justice and by peace.”

Its important message is to encourage people to maintain hope.

What makes this piece one of the best choral selections for beginning choir?

~Al Shlosha has a beautiful melody that has stood the test of time.

~ The range is perfect for beginning choirs, but can be sung by any age group successfully.

~ The accompaniment is beautiful and rhythmically driven.

~ The message is timeless, and understandable by all students.

~ Students love to learn languages. The Hebrew words in this song have many pure vowels and opportunities for vocal pedagogy.

Here is a wonderful performance of the song sung by the Jacksonville Children's Chorus under the direction of Darren Dailey.

Darren is a classmate of mine from Westminster Choir College.

Here is my Auditioned Elementary Choir singing "Al Shlosha" in 2007 at the State Music Conference. Very different sound in Elementary Students, but just as effective!

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